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I'm Jason. My passions in life are my wife Lacey and daughter BrookLee.  I’m also passionate about building relationships and deepening my roots in agriculture.  I recognize that I may never achieve the cowboy romance that I envisioned as a young boy, however, I was blessed with a voice and a passion for using it to help promote every aspect of agriculture. Knowledge is power.  My objectives are to learn how to effectively bring critical individuals together, build leaders, develop solutions, and then speak up. I have had many opportunities to influence others through different sectors of life and love rising to the occasion.

Just like the interconnected roots of aspen trees, where resources flow to support a tree that is suffering, agriculture offers us a similar opportunity to come together and grow stronger as a community. While on the surface, we may seem disconnected, at our roots, we're all intertwined. This philosophy guides my leadership style — fostering unity and strength through collaboration and support.

I look forward to making a difference together!

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