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I was born and raised in a farming community where I developed a passion for the cowboy lifestyle. As the first generation of my family to farm, I worked as a trailer sales manager for ten years while establishing our farm with my brother, Double F Land and Livestock. I live in Southern Idaho along with my wife, Lacey, and daughter, BrookLee. We enjoy riding horses, four-wheeling, and spending time together. My faith is an important part of my life. As a young man, I served a mission in Texas for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I serve in a variety of capacities and find joy in service.


I have a livestock broker license and serve in several public positions, including on the Idaho Farm Bureau board of directors and as chair of the Farm Service Agency board in Preston, Idaho. I have also served on the Ag Land Preservation Committee, as president of Franklin County Farm Bureau, as chair of the Idaho Farm Bureau's Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee, and as a state FFA officer. I volunteer with the church and local FFA alums and enjoy hunting, riding horses, and spending time with people. 

"It’s the opportunities we have to be stewards and be able to work
with the land and see that if we plant something and we do it right, it can grow."  

- Jason Fellows

How it started

As a young boy I spent countless hours farming the plush shag carpet in our home and driving hundreds of pretend cattle on my Shetland pony. Later on I was able to work on my Uncle’s farm and dairy where I developed a love for land and livestock. I knew that I wanted to become a part of the future of agriculture. I participated in Future Farmers of America (FFA) throughout High School and served as a State Officer from 2003-2004. During that year I traveled to other schools encouraging youth to seek similar opportunities. I was able to tour and meet many of the top producers in the state and learn from their experiences. I served an LDS mission which broadened my view of agriculture across the country. Shortly after I was married we bought a few cattle and then realized our dream of farming and purchased a parcel of land along with my brother. At this point we grow forage crops and cereal grains. We also now have the opportunity to run the ground that my grandfather homesteaded.

Current Aspirations

Agriculture is a labor of love, and the less romantic side showed us that our purchase and subsequent expansion have resulted in a significant amount of debt. Fortunately, we have been able to expand our program year after year, and we now have enough land and cattle to be financially sustainable and lucrative for our current demands and future expansion. I serve on the Farm Service Agency County Board of Directors as Chairman, the Twin Lake Canal Company, Board of Franklin County Medical Center Foundation Board Member, and the Idaho State Farm Bureau Board of Directors. I am immersed in agriculture in all facets of my life, whether through my interactions with other farmers or the day-to-day management of our operation. 

My two passions are building relationships and deepening my roots in agriculture. I recognize that I may never achieve the cowboy romance I envisioned as a young boy. However, I am blessed with a voice and a passion for using it to help promote every aspect of agriculture. Knowledge is power. I aim to effectively bring critical individuals together, research, develop solutions, and speak up. I have had many opportunities to influence others through different sectors of life and love rising to the occasion. I can de-escalate stressful situations, keep the focus on the matter at hand, and lead the discussion to a resolution. My time at Future Farmers of America gave me a solid leadership foundation. My involvement with that program has led me to other great organizations, such as Farm Service Agency and Farm Bureau, which have helped me become well-rounded in the programs and resources available.  

Looking Forward

I want to be proactive concerning current and future events. In my experience, many people in my community are hesitant to pursue concerns because they feel they need to understand the full scale of the problem or the necessary contacts. My engagement with Farm Bureau has taught me that it just takes one person to raise a concern, which could be about farming or consumers, and Farm Bureau will do everything possible to support the cause. I am ready to step forward and advocate for issues that are important to others, not just myself. By getting all key stakeholders together, we can lean on the strengths and resources of one another to address issues. For example, I have been able to visit the capital and witness how impactful it can be to provide testimony on a policy or regulatory issue that is up for review.

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